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4 Reasons to Consign Your Car

Recent studies have shown an increasing trend in vehicle consignment, but for many people consignment doesn’t even cross their minds when it comes time to sell their used car. There are a number of reasons that consignment is a more lucrative, safer option for selling your car, and I’ll go through them briefly below.

These are the 4 best reasons to sell your car through a consignment dealer:

  1. More Money!

The biggest advantTrade inage to selling a used car through a consignment lot rather than directly to a dealer is the fact that you will make more money. Sellers often make thousands more through consignment than they would through trade in, because normally, when a dealer is looking to buy a car they are generally looking at the wholesale value of the vehicle, but when a consignment dealer is appraising a vehicle, they are looking to sell it for the maximum price possible on the private market, but ultimately you get the last say about how much your car will be listed for.

  1. Better Advertising.

Another huge advantage of using a good consignment dealer is the fact that not only are they lending you a professional image that you wouldn’t be able to create on your own, they also offer more visibility and better exposure through various avenues of advertising that you might not use otherwise. In addition to giving your vehicle a place on a high visibility lot, many dealers will take pictures and list your car on high traffic websites, ensuring that it is seen by the right shoppers. Most dealers will also have the vehicle professionally washed, detailed, and serviced in order to ensure that it is showroom ready. Not to mention the obvious advantage of not having to deal with Craigslist scammers.

  1. No Paperwork, No Hassle!

That’s right, if you decide to sell your car through a consignment dealership the dealer will take care of all of the DMV paperwork! The entire process is incredibly easy, as the seller you don’t have to worry about titling, financing, payoffs, or even negotiating prices; often times the entire process is anonymous; once you’ve decided on a price you just drop the car off on the lot and wait for a call from the dealer to collect your check.

  1. Safe Transactions

Vehicle consignment offers protection for both buyers and sellers that they wouldn’t have otherwise. There are a number of benefits that a dealer can offer that wouldn’t generally be possible in a private transaction, for example:


  • Insurance

Vehicles on a lot are generally covered by the dealers insurance, meaning that the seller will be reimbursed in the event of an accident on a test drive.

  • Financing

Consignment dealers have access to accredited lenders that are able to give out loans to interested and eligible buyers.

  • Warranties

Consignment dealers often offer warranties on all purchased vehicles, for the peace of mind of the buyer, so if there are any complications with the vehicle it is guaranteed to be fixed within a certain span of time.


Consigning your car with a reputable dealer is sure to make you more money than you’d make on a trade in deal, with less hassle than selling it yourself. There are no real downsides to vehicle consignment, unless the car that you are selling is your primary mode of transportation. Most consignment dealers charge an incredibly fair rate for selling your car, and they add an element of professionalism to the process that most people can’t achieve on their own.

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