Park and Sell 101 With Oralandus

Smart Street Auto’s Proprietary Park and Sell Process: A Quick and Easy Way to Get Top Dollar Value for Your Car

Parking your car on our lot is the EASIEST way to sell it for top dollar value! All you have to do is drop your car off and we’ll take care of everything.

  • Weekly Cleaning
  • Professional Detail
  • Maintenance by Pro Mechanics
  • Online and Offline Advertising¬†
  • We Deal with DMV Paperwork, so You Don’t Have to
  • We Negotiate for You to Get You the Best Price

We’ve sold hundreds of cars through our proprietary park and sell process¬†since we opened our doors four years ago. In fact we have been known to sell people’s cars for them within a matter of days, making them thousands more than they would have on trade-in deals.

And we can do the same for you!

And the best part…

Our Proprietary Park and Sell Process is Completely FREE to the Seller

We’ll provide you with unbeatable advertising and an incredibly high traffic location to park your car, and we won’t charge you a dime. Learn more in our guide “Park and Sell 101” with Oralandus.

If you are interested in selling your car for what it’s worth (without having to deal with the hassle of finding a buyer) just enter your information below for access to our free PDF “Park and Sell 101”.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about our “Proprietary Park and Sell Process”, and we’ll show you just how EASY it really is!

Act soon! Space on our lot is very limited and we only accept a few consignments at a time.

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