What is a Super Puppy?

What is a Super Puppy?  What about Bulldog’s?Puppies

The “Super Puppy” idea is based upon the idea that God Loves Underdogs.  Our success is wholly dedicated to God.  All through the Bible, you can find examples of individuals of people who humbled themselves and because of that, He selected them, and “Super-ized” them.  David, Gideon, and Moses are some of my favorites.

We are not special.  We believe in the power of God to save, and to change lives.  Our goal, and the reason that our business exists, is to demonstrate the power of God to change lives.    The “Super” is “Super-Natural”!!! We are Super Charged!  Thank you Jesus!

Now, when you apply this concept to car sales, and car buying it means this…..

Power to the people!  We are  not here to “BullDog” you into buying a car.  We help you to find the car that you desire, and make it easy for you to purchase!

Super is very important to the puppy!  We give the power back to you, to make your best deal!  Try that at a “regular’ dealership!  Ask them to show you book out sheets on your vehicle and on the one that you are buying.!  Unlikely!

We have nothing to hide!  The power is in YOUR hands!  So there.  We provide you with the tools to make intelligent buying and selling deciaions.  We are here to help you.  You are part of our team to help you first sell your car, then buy exactly the car that you want;  without the high overhead charges that are charged by a dealership!

They are an inseparable team!

Written by: Randy Pruit, General Manager

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